5 ways we support our friends in HR

What are we all about you may ask?  Well here goes……

We believe that the pursuit of ambitious business goals and treating your people with courtesy and respect are not mutually exclusive to each other.  In fact, they are both key to commercial success.

HR has a pivotal role in helping organisations to achieve this and in turn making their communities a better place to live.

We want to work with people that share this vision and help them to hire great people into their HR teams. 

We do this in the following manner:

HR Recruitment – We love HR Recruitment and so if you need help finding a new person for your team, then you should book a call with us!  We have loads of experience in this area, with all of our Recruiters having either worked in HR or hold HR Qualifications.  We are easy to deal with and through our depth of HR knowledge very strong at creating high calibre HR shortlists.  Our fees are transparent and fair and we will work hard to find you a great new addition to your team.

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Interim HR – There will be times where you need interim support and so we of course can help you bridge this gap.  Whether it’s a short-term piece of project work, a longer-term cover or a temp-to-perm situation, we can help you look at the options to cover this time period.  We have a strong network of Interim HR Consultants, as well as a rolling roster of people who have finished other contracts/redundancy etc.  If you need ad hoc support, then we also know many HR Consultancies who we can put you in touch with that can support here.

In-House Recruitment – Developing your In-House Recruitment capability makes a great deal of sense.  We can help you look at the various options best suited to your current situation.  It may be that you need to make a full-time permanent hire, maybe an interim cover to handle a peak in activity or maybe build a relationship with one of our recruiters to engage flexible support when you need it.  We have a lot of experience in this area and so are likely to suggest solutions that you may not have thought of.  They may be a bit outside of the box, but if you are open to listen then they may just work for you!

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Recruitment Project Support – Smart HR people know that the multi-agency contingency model is a terrible deal for everyone involved in it.  That’s why they have been looking for a modern approach to recruitment.  We have listened to their issues and through these conversations, have created a range of solutions that work much better for all parties involved in the process.  It may not be for everyone, as you will have to pay a small retainer, but if you do you will definitely see the benefit of having both parties fully engaged in the process.

Our HR Community – We have been doing this for a while and know that the majority of the time you probably will not need to engage our services. If you are looking for a job, we can’t always guarantee that we will be working on something suitable for you, however that does not mean that we don’t want to try and help you.  That’s why we added The HR Community to our site.  It’s a place where you can network and knowledge share.  If you are actively looking for another role, you can promote your details and maybe find an opportunity directly.  We only want to get paid for the full lifecycle assignments that we manage and so if you can use our networks to help your own search, then we are very happy for you to do this. In fact, we encourage it!

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These are just 5 ways that we work with our HR Network.  If are recruiting into your team, or just fancy a chat about current conditions, then please feel free to book a call with us.  We are not here to try and sell you anything, rather build a long term transparent and mutually beneficial relationship. 

We look forward to speaking with you!

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